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Don’t forget to bring these items

Alaska Fishing License
If you are 60 and an Alaskan resident, you are not required to buy either a King Salmon tag or a fishing license. You are required to have a HARVEST LICENSE (white paper), which is free. Nonresidents are required to buy a license and a tag. Residents and nonresidents under 16 do not require a fishing license but must have a HARVEST license which is free. Fishing licenses may be purchased at sports stores or retail businesses (All guides do not provide fishing licenses at the fishing sites). If you are 16 or above and 60 or above too and a nonresident, you are required to buy a King Salmon tag and a fishing license.
We suggest packing food for both the road trip and for your day on the river. A day of fighting Salmon on the Kenai can work you up quite the appetite.
Packing Your Fish
Packing your fish: Owner and Head Guide Dean Schlehofer will filet and bag your catch when your fishing adventure is over. We do provide packing supplies for your catch: OUR FISH PROCESSING. Fresh off the river, and packaged for freshness! We value the flavor of the catch long after you’ve left the river. At King of the River our packaging includes a 1-2 pound, 5 mill commercial polyethylene vacuum package, which is ready for freezing. Our commercial freezers operate at 15 degrees below zero and holding freezers at 10 degrees below zero.
Warm Clothing
Warm Clothing: Pants-Levi or cotton type, Chamois or heavy shirt, long underwear (August and September), warm socks, warm coats, hat or lucky cap, gloves, rain gear and boots: Hiking or waterproof (insulated) footwear is strongly recommended. We will provides rain gear and gloves on King of the River boat only. Rain gear or gloves will not be provided on referral Kenai boats and Kasilof boats.
Sun protection and sun block
Bring Eye Protection and Sunblock: Fishing without sunglasses or sunblock lotion and your day can end in a bit of pain. Sunny or cloudy days we still suggest being prepared because in Alaska weather can change rapidly. We suggest bringing the best pair of polarized sunglasses you have for both eye protection and spotting your fish below the rivers surface. Bring a good sunblock as well to assure a good tan for the day, and no burning!
Don’t forget your camera!
DON’T FORGET THE CAMERA!: While King of the River posts our clients catch of the day on our website, we suggest bringing your own camera to capture the moment. Video, Digital, Film make sure you’re prepared! You worked hard to get away fishing… capture that moment!
Join us for the 2024 Salmon Fishing Season!

In 2023 our clients landed over 2,500 salmon

We provide premium river fishing guide services that are designed with your fishing experience in mind! Our boats are eco-friendly and roomy for an enjoyable Kenai, Alaska fishing adventure! Come join us for World-Class fishing on the Kenai & Kasilof Rivers. Depending on the season anglers can fish for Kenai king salmon, silver salmon, or sockeye salmon. We also have multi-day fishing trips available if you wish to go halibut fishing. Our Kenai fishing guide service specializes in creating incredible vacation experiences in one of Earth’s last wild frontiers. In 2023 our clients landed over 2,500 salmon on both the Kasilof River and Kenai River!